League Guidelines

  1. WINNING TEAM will turn in the envelope. Home Team provides the envelope.

  2. Team score sheets/envelopes must be turned in no later than Noon Saturday. The Drop Box is located at Slims.

  3. We MUST have the WHITE COPY OF THE SCORE SHEET FROM BOTH TEAMS!! Both sheets MUST be signed verifying the score sheets are correct.

  4. Both score sheets must match! If there are any discrepancies between the two sheets, the lowest score will be used. Break and Runs (BR) and Table Runs (TR) must be recorded on BOTH score sheets to be valid. You will only be awarded credit if indicated on both score sheets.

  5. A penalty will be imposed for any late envelope. The team that was responsible for turning in the envelope will be deducted ten (10) points from the final score for the first day the envelope is late and an additional five (5) points for each additional day the envelope is late.

  6. Weekly fees are due the night of play. NO Pay – NO Play.

  7. The Opposing Team Captain must be notified no later than 5PM the night of play if a postponement is necessary. The League Coordinator must also be notified at time of postponement and the date of reschedule.

  8. Rescheduled matches must be played within two (2) weeks. All League makeup games will be scheduled for the same time as the original match was to take place, (7:00PM), UNLESS a time is agreed upon by BOTH captains. There will be NO exceptions. If the match has not been played within the allotted time frame, the team that requested the reschedule will receive a forfeit for that week. The Captain that requested the reschedule is responsible for arranging the earliest make-up date. There will be NO reminder calls.

  9. DIVISION B ---New players added to roster after start up must be approved by League Coordinator in advance. Coordinator may opt to wait 1 week before activating player to allow time for researching play history.

  10. Players will break their own rack.

  11. If a player scratches on the break, the opposing player gets ball in hand anywhere on the table.

  12. BCA rules apply.

  13. Be considerate of cell phone use while playing. Only emergency phone calls should be answered.

  14. All matches should start at 7:00 p.m.  If there is a problem with an opponent (i.e., team or player no show) contact the League Coordinator by 7:15 p.m.  Forfeit time is 7:30 p.m. for a team or player, that has no showed.